Background to Fellowship:

The Political Reporting Fellowship Program consists of eleven training sessions with a cohort of 15 journalists to improve their political reporting skills in preparation for covering the 2013 city elections. Fellows were selected from a pool of more than 40 applicants who spelled out their goals for the program and how they expect to meet them.
The topics of the training sessions, as currently planned are:

  1. Background to NYC elections
  2. Ethical issues that arise with political coverage
  3. Races to watch
  4. Using public data for political reporting
  5. Improving your reporting of campaigns and candidates
  6. Campaign issues: The budget
  7. Campaign issues: Immigration
  8. Campaign issues: Education
  9. Campaign issues Health and the state of the city’s public hospitals
  10. Campaign issues: The NYPD and criminal justice
  11. Campaign issues: The affordable housing crisis
These sessions are taught by adjuncts and faculty members of the J-School, as well as guest speakers with specialized expertise in the topic areas.