Over the last two years we’ve held more than 40 workshops and seminars attended by more than 1,000 journalists and business executives from community and ethnic publications. Our trainings are led by industry leaders and faculty members from the Graduate School of Journalism. Below are some of the workshops we’ve offered:

  • Covering the Presidential Election
  • Covering New York City
  • 21 Websites Every Journalist Should Know
  • 60 News Sites and Databases for Journalists
  • Radio Documentary Workshop
  • Voice Coaching Workshop
  • The Crash Course on Economics, Markets, and Business
  • Intro to ProTools
  • Basics of Social Media Skills for Journalists
  • Mining the Census
  • Politics, Power & Money
  • News Photography Workshop for Applicants
  • The International Economic Crisis
  • Secrets to Compelling Page Design, Online and In Print
  • Interviewing for Multimedia Stories
  • January Academy

In addition we’ve organized several large conferences:

  • The Outlook for Advertising for Community and Ethnic Media
  • Big City, Many Voices: Connecting Nonprofit and New York’s Community and Ethnic Press
  • How to get political advertisements during election season

These workshops and conferences are quite popular and the feedback from participants has been consistently positive.

“I’ve heard only good things from our staffers who have attended the January Academy. In fact, some staffers who attended the census workshop last week are preparing a short tutorial for the staff, based on what they learned. So there is a ripple effect, too.”

Lil Swanson
P.S. We’ve loved the classes, and have taken advantage of several of them.
Managing Editor
The Forward

“Quality of J-school training is amazing; in no other city would instructors of this calibre be available for low-cost courses like this. Location is easy to get to, equipment is good, experience level of peers is nicely varied. Please keep this program going!!! I would pay for a yearly membership if needed.”

Dan Perez de la Garza, “Feet in Two Worlds”