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The American Press Institute has issued a study on collaboration between ethnic and mainstream media outlets. The authors, Daniela Gerson and Carlos Rodriguez Martorell, found that “these partnerships can be particularly effective when ethnic media reporters provide community access, while mainstream reporters contribute expertise, context and resources.”

The research is part of the American Press Institute’s series of Strategy Studies.

The study, issued serially, looks at the many forms such collaborations have taken.

Some simply involve reporters from different outlets teaming up, as WNYC and Telemundo did recently. They revealed that a felon who represented immigrants in court was selling bogus ID cards that could supposedly protect people from being deported. Tag-teaming aided the reporting and reached immigrants who could be affected by the scam.

Other times, an English-language news company creates its own foreign-language outlet. The weekly Spanish-language newspaper Al Día holds joint editorial meetings and co-reports stories with its mother newspaper The Dallas Morning News. The two work together on a community outreach project at local libraries targeting Latino parents.

In part, the authors of the study stated, “we undertake this research with the belief that there is room for more of these collaborations.”

To learn more, read the study here.